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【SKY NEWS 25th,Sept】

2017-09-25 Runa SKYLAWFIRM 642

【World News】

China's largest phone company is in talks with Brazil's telecom regulator on buying the mobile phone division of Oi SA.A report by Exame magazine said China Mobile Ltd is keen to take over the telecom company, which is under bankruptcy protection.



Heads of Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met in Hangzhou to discuss ways of using cloud services toengage young fans around the globe.Alibaba signed a deal with the IOC earlier this year to become its partner for cloud computing and e-commerce through to 2028.


【China News】

Gome, a home appliance giant, recently announced that over 1,600 stores in China have officially started a smartphone rental service. Customers can rent an iPhone 7 (32G) for a whole year for 300 yuan ($45) a month.


China to spend $90 billion over the coming National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival holidays 



A few days ago, the journalist got news from Yiwu Post Office that the express delivery industry has always been increasing at the rate of 75% approximately since February this year. By August 31, 2017, the express parcel throughput of Yiwu broke through 1 billion and reached 1.036 billion, rose by 71.49%; its total income was RMB7.188 billion, rose by 61.22%. It is estimated that the operating income will break through RMB10.0 billion by the end of this year. By that time, the express delivery industry will become the Ten-billion Industry of Yiwu. 


【Business opportunity】

——Environmentally friendly needle stapler


This creative mini stapler, only a small amount for a few sheets of paper, about 4-5 sheets. The most unique is that it does not need a needle, you can also set the paper firm.



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