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How to get good staff when doing business in yiwu ?

2017-09-16 Runa SKYLAWFIRM 212

Increasingly more companies are opening offices in, or relocating to China.


But how to hire some good staff when you doing business in China?



Maybe it’s a common problem for all foreign boss.


Why is it important to keep a good staff for business

The advent of the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise has made it easier than ever for foreigners to do business in China,but we must consider the reasons why a good Chinese staff can bring to your business development benefits.


1.If you not in China for a long time it's likely that you lack the local knowledge of Chinese people, and that they will also have forged relationships which could be beneficial to your business that you may not have.



2.Also if you think about dealing with other Chinese companies it makes sense that they would feel more comfortable with dealing with a 'mixed' company.


3.Finally, with the right local staff there's a very good chance that they will enrich your business and teach yourself or other foreigners there new things .


It is common for bosses and employees to get along well.Chinese employees often help their foreign bosses go to Yiwu International Trade City to purchase goods, and they will speak Chinese to the shop owners and bargaining,finally get conducive result to your company's development.


How to find good staff in China

Maybe you faced these problems as follow:

1.Language problem语言问题

Fadh opened a foreign trade company in Yiwu. He wants to hire a translator to help him deal with business with Chinese bosses. But he just arrived in Yiwu for a short time, can not speak Chinese at all. And he is not familiar with the situation of China's staff market. When he meet some Chinese, he can not express his idea of recruiting staffs. 


At las the failure of recruiting staffs made his business hampered.


2.High brain drain rate人才流失率高

Ben came to Yiwu three months ago and set up a new foreign trade company. Introduced by a friend, Ben found some Chinese staffs. Because the company just set up, the development is not stable, and he needs a person to help him improve the company management system. 


Finally, employees all have resigned. And his company still in the early development , the loss of staffs caused losing competitiveness in the market.


3.Recruitment of employees less员工招聘渠道少

Hatim comes from Jordan, has been doing business in Yiwu for more than one year. With the expansion of business, he needs more translators and staffs. He asked Chinese friends about where to recruit staffs. But his friends recommend some Chinese service agencies, and he is not satisfied with the employees. 


He is not familiar with Yiwu's recruitment market, do not know where to find a professional service agencies which can help him recruit staffs...


Finally, the three foreigners heard that SKY has a very professional HR team and has a very good language communication skills. They told their requirements about the staffs to the HR, and SKY HR who with years of hiring experience helped them recruit the staffs they want in just few days.


Why they all choose SKY


1.SKY personnel team has many years of personnel recruitment experience and research about the human resources. They have served lots of foreign companies and received good feedback.



2.SKY will find different good staffs based on your company requirements.



3.SKY personnel team have participated many recruiting meetings,can provide many professional staffs for foreign friends.